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Falls Village Collection

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Hybrid Anthology Contemporary Romance

What Once Was Mine takes place in Kitty Berry's fictional world of Falls Village. Me, along with several other authors will spend quality time writing about these interesting characters. All books in the collection free with Kindle Unlimited. Check out Amazon today. For information on future releases, join the Facebook Group!


For years I was lost, bitter, angry at the way my life turned out. I fought hard to find my way back to happiness, and I was almost there. I just needed one push, and it came in the form of Cole Alexander. For one night, we connected in a way neither of us anticipated--an attraction I wasn't ready for. I did what any normal woman on the cusp of the next stage in her life would do. I left, never expecting to see him again.


I've never been so wrong in my entire life.


Falls Village, Maine was a place meant for second chances, and it became my primary destination, the place that would heal me. Little did I know I'd find the man who had a small part in changing my world mere miles away.

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