World of True North

I love writing world books, and I'm excited that Sarina and Heart Eyes Press allowed me to participate in the True North World!
I've already devoured the original series multiple times on audio and e-book. If you haven't met the amazing Vermont cast, check out Sarina Bowen's website for more information. Visit the Heart Eyes Press for updates on all World of True North Books. 

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Releasing August 2nd

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It’s my last night in New York. And the woman of my dreams is three feet away, expertly twirling a bottle of vodka behind the bar and making the perfect pour. I’ve never seen anyone as beautiful as Melody, with her enigmatic eyes and a gorgeous smile. All I have to do is introduce myself. And then... 
I choke. And my chance for something--anything--with her is gone. 
Months later, I think I’m dreaming when I see her doing bartender tricks here in Vermont. Now all I can think about is having those long, beautiful, fingers performing their magic on my body. 
But I’m pretty sure she’s hiding something. It’s painfully obvious she’s keeping me at arm’s length just when I need to hold her close. She brings out my protective instincts, but I’ve got problems of my own. If I’m not careful, I’ll destroy everything I’m trying to build.
Losing her again might break me this time, because now I can’t imagine life without the light of my Firefly.

Release Date: August 2, 2021


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