Infinite Destiny Series

Enter a supernatural world where curses are real, and fated mates aren’t always an absolute.

I've had Twisted Origin on my mind forever, and I cannot wait to share this book with everyone.

If you're a fan of Paranormal Fantasy, Fated Mates, and cursing in French, then you'll want to read this book. Check out my Tiktok below for more details.

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Fated mates aren't always an absolute.
I'm a survivor.
Between foster care, handsy step-siblings, and a mountain of toxic ex-boyfriends, I have to be.
After barely escaping my last loser, I was attacked in a way I didn't know possible.
I should've died.
Fate has other plans.
Now, I'm forced into a life surrounded by things that go bump in the night, where fairy tales and mythical creatures are real. My mere existence has attracted an entire supernatural world.
Both good and bad want to own me, but the only person I belong to is him.
If someone told me years ago I was destined to lose my sanity because of an unbreakable curse, I would've laughed in their face. I was human, and my life wasn't complicated.
An animal attack changed that. It changed everything.
The beast killed my family and transformed me into this thing.
I spend my time protecting mankind from the worst of us--the feral wolf shifters who've succumbed to madness.
Still, he got to her, and I was too late.
Or so I believed.
I was given a second chance, and this time, failure isn't an option. I'll keep Leena safe and protected the one way I know how.
By making her mine.