I'm always full of book ideas, and here are some of my upcoming projects.  

hybrid series

December 2021 Update:

I'm in the final stages of updating Finding Kylie, and the changes will be uploaded to Amazon soon. 

The Hybrid Series Novella is delayed due to a super-secret project that just got thrown my way! I can't talk about it quite yet, but I will as soon as I can!

a new paranormal standalone

Please Note: All upcoming releases are subject to change depending on what my brain does.

December 2021 Update:

I've finally been able to start this project! First off, it will be a duet. With the number of characters involved, there was no way I could finish the tale in one book. There is a possibility that there will be more to this world, but I'm unsure if and when I'll get to each character.

Declan and Leena have a lot to navigate before their happy ending, but like all romance stories, they'll eventually get there.

The cover is currently being worked on by my amazing designer

By the way, I HAVE A TITLE! I can't tell you yet, but I promise I will!

legally yours Series

Now that the Sexy Series is complete, I can focus on a few characters from Seducing My Valentine that had more to say. The first book of my spin-off will focus on Eli, Charlie, and Alec. Unlike the original threesome in Coming For Christmas, these three will have to see if a relationship can work. We shall see what happens! I was hoping for the first book to release in the fall of 2021, but I'm currently swamped with other projects. I'll keep you posted when I have a new date.