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I messed up big time and broke a reporter’s most crucial rule.
Always ensure your mic is turned to the off position between shoots.
As penance for my mistake, the network has relegated me to Comic Con.
The last place I want to be.
It’s hot, crowded, and strange costumed characters surround me.
What’s worse, a guy stole my freaking latte.
On purpose!
All I have to do is suffer through these next four days, but Benton Davis is doing his best to make it impossible.

Another year, another uneventful Comic Con, that is, until a rude and annoying woman had the nerve to interrupt my blissful morning.
Immediately, she expected special treatment, but I decided to bring her down a notch or two.
Sure, I may have misled her about a particular caffeinated beverage, but someone had to teach her a lesson in humility.
I loathe this vain, annoying, and mean-spirited woman, but at the same time, I want to kiss her full lips, touch her all over, and make her mine.
I thought the Con would be boring this year, but Brooke Burnette changed the game completely.

Comic Complication

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