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A paranormal readers dream

— R. Yatsko, Amazon Reviewer

redeeming marco

(Book #3)

Predator. Murderer. Sinner. 



I've been called many names by others; my existence a blemish to my pack. I never desired absolution. Until her, I welcomed the death I truly felt I deserved. Kat became my salvation; a beacon of merciful light I didn't realize I'd needed to guide me from the dark infesting my soul. 

Never leave an enemy behind; it's a mistake I won't make again. 

They may have fooled me once by sending me on a path of destruction; one meant to end with my downfall. 

Now, I am the reaper; the bringer of death. I can only pray I won't alienate Kat by doing what must be done. Without her, I am nothing. 

But who would ever answer the prayers of a man like me? 

Fate. Destiny. Love. 


I was warned to stay away from Marco, but like my mother, I've never done what I'm told. Where others fear his malevolent force, I found my kindred spirit. We're two hearts pursuing the same goal - an unbreakable union forged in compassion and understanding. 

Then my world imploded. What I thought I knew about myself was a lie. My promised future; altered. And it's then I decided enough was enough. 

Marco's the only one I can trust. His battles become mine; our adversaries shared. Friend or foe, we shall prevail against all who doubted us-- the ones who shunned him. If we don't, the freedom everyone celebrates will cease to exist. Leaving us all at the whim of a madman. 

Life has a way of coming full circle. I'll fight everyone I have to - including him - to keep this roller coaster from destroying our love. 

Because even evil men have a right to earn forgiveness. 

***Finding Kylie and Saving Heather must be read first.

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