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Action packed must read!

— Nikki, Amazon Reviewer

saving heather

(Book #2)

A love tested...

Having had to watch the woman he loved be promised to someone else, Jeremiah waited for an opening. His chance came in an unsuspecting way, and he took it along with her. Subjected to a temporary and painful separation, it's up to Jeremiah to thwart their enemy's sinister plans, thereby protecting the woman who owns his heart. Will he also be able to rescue those they both love. Only time will tell.

Long-buried secrets revealed...

Freed from her captivity, Kylie is finally able to share her heart with the man she truly loves, but not without consequences. With her past now exposed, she has two choices. Embrace her destiny with Jeremiah, or sacrifice her future to save Heather's life. Kylie must find her inner strength, in preparation for the fierce battle ahead before all is lost.

***Finding Kylie must be read first.

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